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Home automation is fast become the most practical, energy saving
and efficient back bone to any home in the market place today. Gone
are the days of complex hard to understand systems where clients
are more estranged than comfortable with what is possible and basic

Project Planning

From start to finish we will provide a solution for all your
project requirements. Working hand in hand with project managers
and electricians, our detailed drawings leave no room for error.

Custom Installation Solutions

Our business is built around the ability to
provide clients custom, tailored solutions that fit there
needs like a fine suite.

Client Support

Unrivaled in the industry we know that this is the key point in choosing the right team for the job. Trust is of the utmost importance as relationships are usually long and fruitful.

Service Level Agreements

SLA’s are a way of making systems maintain themselves.
Clients have a choice of 3 tiers allowing them to choose from.
Certain benefits and discounts apply depending on the tier chosen.


Our Services


As the leader in home automation, Control4 is
dedicated to creating personalized experiences
that fit your lifestyle and are easy for the whole
family to enjoy. And from your smartphone
or tablet, you can command virtually any
system and device, from anywhere, at any
time. You’ve imagined life in a Control4
Smart Home.

Audio Distribution

For killer sound that doesn’t compromise
your design aesthetic, install built-in ceiling
or wall speakers throughout the house.
Control4 Power Amplifiers deliver high-quality
audio to multiple stereo zones. The Control4
Audio Matrix Switch allows up to 16 audio
sources to simultaneously play in up to 16
areas throughout your home.

Video Distribution

The Control4 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch distributes
eight HDMI sources (satellite/cable boxes, Blu-
ray, media player or gaming device) to eight
video display locations with full HD clarity. The
video sources that you use all connect to this
matrix switch in a central, out-of-sight location.

THX Theaters

This extraordinary custom home theater series
brings real cinema sound to the comforts of
home by using the same professional-grade
technology as Klipsch’s renowned professional
cinema systems.

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What Our Clients Say

  • ““Excellent Service, Very neat install. Accommodating my needs every step of the way””.

  • “Great efficient service. Even to the extent of going above and beyond what was required. GC are always happy to chat and advise with any queries at anytime it seems”.


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