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Partners Andre and Ronald are both born and bred Durban boys. Having gained experience in their various fields abroad, each bring a wealth of invaluable knowledge to the smart home industry. Andre’s background is a combination of Technical and IT, having developed his skills in the London financial district. Ronald brings vast technical and infrastructure
expertise from a background with the UK Virgin Media group. Being friends for over 20 years, these two individuals strive for customer satisfaction, great service and exceptional attention to detail.

From start to finish we will provide a solution for all your
project requirements. Working hand in hand with project managers
and electricians, our detailed drawings leave no room for error.

Our business is built around the ability to
provide clients custom, tailored solutions that fit there
needs like a fine suite.

Unrivaled in the industry we know that this is the key point in choosing the right team for the job. Trust is of the utmost importance as relationships are usually long and fruitful.

SLA’s are a way of making systems maintain themselves.
Clients have a choice of 3 tiers allowing them to choose from.
Certain benefits and discounts apply depending on the tier chosen.

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    ““Excellent Service, Very neat install. Accommodating my needs every step of the way””.

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    “Great efficient service. Even to the extent of going above and beyond what was required. GC are always happy to chat and advise with any queries at anytime it seems”.